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26th April 2019
There has been a change of plan concerning work parties.
Mike has decided to cancel the work party scheduled for Sunday 28th April.

19th April 2019
Mike has announced the dates for two more work parties at Home Park.
Wednesday 1st May
Sunday 19th May
Meet at the club house at 9.00 am

17th April 2019
For the members who fancy a little exercise Mike has arranged work parties at Home Park on the following dates.
Wednesday 24th April
Sunday 28th April
Meet at the clubhouse at 9.00 am

25th March 2019

The clubs end of season newsletter and membership renewal forms were posted out over the weekend.
Please note that there will be a slight delay in the return of membership cards as we are still awaiting the car park stickers and BCAA booklets.
This also means we will not be able to complete your membership while you wait as we normally do at our Tuesday night meetings but we will accept forms and payments for collection at a later date.
When the stickers and BCAA books are available it will be publicised here.

31st October 2018
From this date new memberships which include the Datchet fishery are not available.
We have also sold out of car park stickers for Home Park. We will not be able to obtain any more until next season. 
Please remember that the car park at Home Park is free at weekends, bank holidays and at night.

8th August 2018
Important news for Datchet members.
It has been reported that on a number of occasions the car park at Datchet has been left unlocked with the gate number visible.
As this is also the number for the main gate this is a major security risk to both us and the farmer.
When you next visit this fishery you may find the number on all gates has been changed to the reserve number printed on your Datchet membership card.
If this happens again and we can find out who is responsible disciplinary action may have to be taken.

8th August 2018
Members now have access to an extra piece of water at Eton Wick.
Through the TVAA we have access to the Boveney Ditch from the Thames up to the Roundmor Ditch which is already available to members. In the past this has been a shelter stream for fish when the Thames is in flood.
See the map on the fisheries page for more information.

12th July 2018
Advance warning of road closure in Windsor.
The King Edward VII Avenue where it passes over the Victoria Bridge will be closed from Monday 23rd July to Friday 3rd August for structural repairs to the bridge.
There will still be access to the Home Park car park but you will have to come in through Windsor town centre.

12th July 2018
It is with great sadness that I have to report the death of Jack Deller who passed away on Monday 9th July.
Most members will know Jack from the many years of support he gave to the club.
Jack was a great person and will be missed by his many friends.
Our condolences go to Jacks family.

5th July 2018
The club meeting scheduled for the evening of 10th July has been cancelled. Datchet Dashers will be holding a 5k run at Home Park on that evening and park access and parking will be very restricted.

30th November 2017
The match on the 3rd December 2017 will not be fished on the Basingstoke Canal as published but will be fished on the Wey Navigation Canal. 
Following an inspection it is thought that due to low and clear water conditions the fishing would be extremely hard on the Basi.
The section of Wey Nav which will be used is to be decided and will be published here as soon as possible.

8th November 2017
The club has just issued a newsletter to all members.
It was sent by email where possible or otherwise by post.
If you do not receive your copy in the next few days please let us know.
If you gave an email address but the newsletter is not in your inbox please check your spam folder.
14th July 2017
Old Windsor members have a new water to fish.
Through our association with the TVAA we now have access to the section of the Thames at Sandford controlled by Littlemore Angling Society.
See the map on this web site for location and more information.
16th June 2017
The problem with the gate lock at the Datchet fishery has been corrected. The number is as printed on your Datchet membership card.

15th June 2017
It has just been reported to me that there is a problem with the lock number at the Datchet fishery.
Members who have purchased the Datchet ticket should contact Alan Beaven or Bob Skinner for the current number while we sort out this problem.
Sorry for any inconvenience.
14th July 2012
Important information
Due to river conditions it has been decided to move the match on the 15th July 2012 to Home Park.
The draw time has been changed to 8.00 am fish 9.00 am to 2 pm.
14th July 2012
Important information
Due to river conditions it has been decided to move the match on the 15th July 2012 to Home Pa
16th February 2017
A correction to the match fixture list.
The match at New Farm on the 26th February is now draw at 8.30 and fish 9.30 to 14.30.
The match had been noted as a silver fish match but following advise from the fishery bailiff it will now be an all species match. 
8th February 2017
Some sad news unfortunately.
Many match anglers in the Slough and Windsor area will be familiar with Lennie Morancie.
Unfortunately Lennie has passed away following a long series of medical problems.
He was a good match angler and very likable person always joining in with friendly banter and enjoying a good laugh.
Lennie will be greatly missed by his many friends.
We would like to express our condolence to his family on this sad loss. 
27th July 2016

It is with great sadness that I have to report the sudden death of our club chairman Ken Walker.
I believe Ken died following complications after heart surgery and comes as a very tragic shock to us all.
On behalf of myself and Kens many friends at the club I would like to express our condolences to his wife Sue and family.
Ken will be greatly missed.


29th June 2016
The Basingstoke Canal Angling Association has informed us that they have organised canal championship matches.
There will be a singles match on the 15th October 2016, pairs on 18th September and teams of four on 17th July.
If you want an application form contact Bob at [email protected] .
Entries must arrive at the organisers at least 7 days before the match.
6th April 2016
There was an error in the newsletter.
The trophy presentation night is on Tuesday 24th May 2016.
6th April 2016
The waters included in the 2016-17 season membership may be subject to change.
The Thames at Dorney, Jubilee River at Lake End Road and The Roundmoor Ditch are still under negotiation with the land owner.
26th February 2016
The match on Sunday 28th February 2016 will now be fished at Marsh Farm, Station Lane, Milford, GU8 5AE. Draw at Marsh Farm at 8.30. For more information or to book in please contact Alan Beaven.
17th February 2016
It has been decided to relocate the match on Sunday 21st February 2016.
The match will now be on the Jubilee River, meet in the Marsh Lane car park, draw at 8.30 am.
7th October 2015
 A little while ago the club was host to two formal team matches. These were fished at Home Park and the results were as follows.

 Team Invitation Match
 Feltham            26 points
 Slough AS         20 points
 OWAC              19 points
 21AC                15 points
 Queen Vic AC    10 points

 1st - M. Sullivan     Slough AS     15 lb 12 oz
 2nd - A. Burt      Feltham            15 lb 3 oz
 3rd - A. Hawkins     21AC           14 lb 11 oz

 Field Cup
 OWAC              34 points
 Godalming        22 points
 Send                21 points
 Weybridge        18 points
 Woking             15 points

 1st - S. Keable     OWAC           17 lb 9 oz
 2nd - A. Strugwick     Woking    14 lb 0 oz
 3rd - A. Rogers     Godalming    13 lb 7 oz

26th June 2015
I have the sad duty to report that Bill Marshall, long term member and ardent club support, has passed away.
Bill had decided that he did not want a traditional funeral. If you would like more details please contact Alan Beaven or email [email protected] .

12th February 2015
The matches on the 22nd February and 1st March 2014 have been swapped. The match on the 22nd February will be held at Busbridge Lake, Godalming draw at 8.30 and the 1st March will be at Potts Field draw at 8.00. Local rules state that only the fisheries own nets can be use at Busbridge. Please let Ken Walker know by the 19th February if you plan to fish Busbridge to ensure nets are available for you.

7th February 2015
Important news - We have been informed that the section of the Wey Navigation Canal between White Hart, New Haw and Blackboys was drained last week. We are trying to find out if this was for maintenance, in which case the fish should have been safely transferred, or if it was an accident or malicious act. We will issue updates when we have any news.

7th February 2015
Will any member wanting to take part in the match on the Basi canal at Ash Lock on the 8th February please meet in the car park of Gold Valley fishery. We will leave Gold Valley at 7.30 and then proceed to the match venue as a group. Gold Valley post code GU11 2PT.

11th November 2014
After 40 years serving the anglers of Windsor, Malcolm Hicks has decided to retire and has therefore closed his shop, Windsor Angling Centre.
Many of us have known Malcolm for many years and will miss our chats with him and the tips and advice he would give.
An alternative outlet for the Home Park day tickets is being arranged.

5th November 2014
The match on the fixture list due to be held on the Basingstoke Canal at West Byfleet on the 9th November 2014 will now be held on the same canal but at St.John's.
This is due to reports of excessive amounts of floating weed.

16th October 2014
There will be a work party at Potts Field, Windsor on Saturday 25th October 2014.
Any member available to help please meet at the clubhouse at 8.30 am.

11th September 2014
The clubs annual Team Invitation match took place at Home Park on Sunday the 7th September.
This year the match was dominated by Slough Angling Society. Not only did they win the team title they also had individual first and second.
There was only one large fish landed and that was a carp caught by Slough AS man Colin Wainwright which was estimated to weigh between 4 and 5 pound. Colin did well to land the fish which he caught while pole fishing for smaller silver fish. After the match Colin had to suffer some friendly ribbing questioning which commercial he had got the fish from and how had he got it in his box.
Team result
1st Slough AS  28 points
2nd Feltham PS 18 points
3rd Old Windsor AS 17 points
4th 21AC & YOTAC 14 points
5th Queen Vic 12 points
1st Colin Wainwright 10 lb 11 oz  Slough AS
2nd Michael Sullivan  6 lb 12 oz Slough AS
3rd K. Bygrave   6 lb 7 oz Queen Vic
Thank you to everybody who helped out beforehand preparing the fishery and on the day with helping at the weigh in, collecting of results and serving refreshments resulting in compliments from the visitors that they had enjoyed their day winning or not.

28th August 2014
All members who night fish are reminded that on nights before a match that they should pack up in sufficient time before the start of the match that any bait you introduce does not affect the fishing of those participating in the match.
As most matches start at between 8.00 and 9.00 am a reasonable time to pack up would be at midnight. This would allow any bait to dissipate and allow an even contest for those participating in the match.

26th June 2014
Congratulations to club member Vince Callaghan for qualify to the final of the Evesham Championship.
Vince fished the 83 participant match on the River Avon on the 21st June and won with a catch of 17lb 14 oz consisting of 4 bream plus bits from peg 1. The opposition included many top anglers including England internationals.
He has qualified to fish in the 70 peg grand final on Saturday 23rd August.
Good luck Vince.

2nd February 2014
The match listed as being at Potts Field on Sunday the 23rd February will now be held at Cheriton Farm. There will be a day ticket charge.
If you are interested please let Ken Walker know as there are a limited number of places. Kens phone number is in the newsletter or email [email protected].

4th August 2013
Last Sundays match was the annual Team Invitation Match held at Home Park, Windsor.
Despite being the hosts, OWAC has not won the title for several years, but to the surprise of some, this year the team was successful.
Apart from a good catch of quality roach by Vince Callaghan, it was a closely fought match with ounces separating many of the competitors.
Being a team match decided on section points, everyone decided to concentrate on the smaller fish than risk going for the larger, but potentially match winning, specimens. For this reason, when a couple of anglers did manage to hook a decent sized bream, they were soon lost.
Team result
1 st Old Windsor AC 22 points
2 nd Feltham & Twickenham Piscatorials 19 points
3 rd Slough Angling Society 19 points (weight difference)
4 th 21AC / Yotac 18 points
5 th Queen Vic AS 12 points
1 st Vince Callaghan OWAC 14 lb 3 oz
2 nd Frank Peck SAS 4 lb 8 oz
3 rd J Burt F&TP 4 lb 2 oz

26th July 2013
Attention all anglers.
A lot of anglers consider changes in water temperature, water clarity and dissolved oxygen levels have a great impact on the feeding habits of fish.
Well, those fantastic people at the Environment Agency have given us access to data which is normally for their own scientific use.
There are graphs for several locations in the Thames catchment area allowing you to see what this information is at the moment and what it has been for the last seven days.
There is also a site which gives the river levels measured every few hours over the last two days.
You can evaluate if the fish are going to be in a feeding mood before you leave your home.
Short cuts have been added to our links page which will take you to these sites.

31st May 2013
There will be a work party at Home Park on Sunday 2nd June 2013 meet at the clubhouse at 8.30am. If you are going to attend please inform Alan Beaven on 01628 602537 or email [email protected] .

20th May 2013
There will be a work party at Home Park on Sunday 26th May 2013 meet at the clubhouse at 8.30am. If you are going to attend please inform Alan Beaven on 01628 602537 or email [email protected] .

7th May 2013
The second close season match for members will be at Wood Lane fishery, Iver on Sunday the 12th May. To fish you must confirm your attendance before 8pm on Wednesday 8th May. Daytickets are £8 + pools.

17th April 2013
We are sad to announce the death of Tom Pugh who has been a member of the club for many years.
Due to Tom?s staunch support of the club from its early days he was awarded life member status and although he had not been fishing with us for a few years he did attended the presentation evening and similar events with his wife Jackie.
The committee and members who new Tom send their condolences to Jackie and their family on this sad occasion.

17th April 2013
There will be a work party at Home Park on Sunday 21st April 2013 meet at the clubhouse at 8.30am. If you are going to attend please inform Alan Beaven on 01628 602537 or email [email protected] .

3rd April 2013
The first close season match for members will be at Greenfields Farm near Wokingham on Sunday the 14th April. To fish you must confirm your attendance before Tuesday 10th April. Daytickets are £8 + pools.
The other matches are on the 12th and 19th May. One held at Wood Lane Fishery, near Iver and the other at Holme Grange near Wokingham.

30th March 2013
On Tuesday 26th March Environment Agency staff assisted by Old Windsor AC and TVAA members undertook fishing platform building on the section of the Jubilee River available to our members. This short video shows them hard at work.
If the image does not appear click on this link http://m.youtube.com/results?gl=US&client=mv-google&hl=en-GB&q=rivers+week+2013+jubilee+river&submit=Search


15th March 2013
A group of members are planning to hold two or three matches during the river closed season. If any members are interested please contact Bob at [email protected] . These would be on Sundays in April and May, exact dates to be decided to suite the availability of the greatest number of people. Probably fished on Holme Grange, Wokingham and/or Wood Lane, Iver.

19th January 2013
The match at Home Park on the 20th January has been cancelled due to the weather.

15th January 2013
Around the country there have been an increased number of sewage discharge incidents into rivers due to sewage works being unable to cope with the increased level of rain water this year. The Environment Agency want us to report any incidents we witness on 0800807060 or email the club at [email protected].com and we will let them know.

4th January 2013
The match scheduled for Potts Field / Lock Cut on the 6th January is to go ahead. Due to deep water at the rail bridge, acces will have to be from the rail station / boat yard end. The draw will take place in Potts Field at the boat yard end.

28th December 2012
 Due to high river levels, the match scheduled to be fished at Home Park on the 6th January 2013 may have to be cancelled. Anyone intending to fisn this match  should check with Ken, Alan or Bob nearer the date. Contact phone numbers were in the last newsletter.

28th December 2012
Due to high river levels, the work party scheduled for Sunday 30th December has been cancelled.

28th November 2012
Due to high river levels, the match scheduled to be held at Home Park / Potts Field on the 2nd December 2012 may be cancelled or relocated.
Other matches may have to be altered if these high river levels continue so please check the on-line fixture list for amendments and check with a committee member.
Contact Ken, Bob or Alan for more information.

21st November 2012
There will be road closures in Windsor on the 22nd and 27th November between midnight and 4 pm. There will be no access to the Home Park car park during this time.

24th October 2012
The match scheduled to be fished at Home Park / Potts Field on Saturday 27th October has been cancelled.

29th August 2012
An email has been received concerning people using the bushes at Home Park as toilets. There is no evidence that our members are responsible but all are reminded that this is not acceptable and that public toilets are located near to the clubhouses in Home Park. Failure to comply with this will result in disciplinary action.

9th August 2012
There will be working parties on Monday 13th and Thursday 16th August 2012 at our Home Park fishery. Any members available to help please meet at the club house for a 6.30 pm start. 

19th July 2012
Our fisheries officers have identified that repair work is needed at our Home Park / Potts Field fisheries.
There will be work parties on Saturday 28th July and Saturday 4th August.
Any volunteers willing to help are welcome. Meet near the rail bridge at 8.30 am.

14th July 2012
 Important information.
 Due to river conditions it has been decided to move the match on the 15th July 2012 to Home Park.
 The draw time has been changed to 8.00 am fish 9.00 am to 2 pm.

2nd July 2012
Match information. The match at Cheriton Farm on the 8th July and Wood Lane on 22nd July have a limited number of pegs available. If any member intends to fish either of these matches please let me know and your name will be added to the list. email [email protected]

22nd June 2012
Information for members. We have been advised that Windsor Cricket Club will be holding a match against the MCC at Home Park on bank holiday Monday 27th August. We expect that the car park will be busy. If you intend to fish Home Park get there early to ensure you can get a parking space.

24th May 2012
We are pleased to announce that the TVAA have come to an agreement with two clubs which give us access to two extra fisheries. These are the River Thames at Cookham and Weirs Mill Stream, Oxford which is a tributary of the Thames. These are now included in our membership at no extra cost.

13th May 2012
Well, another tackle shop has gone. Kings Tackle of Maidenhead has closed. Please use our few remaining local shops or risk losing them. Serving the Windsor / Maidenhead area are Windsor Angling Centre, St. Leonards Road, Windsor and Maidenhead Bait and Tackle, Station Hill, Cookham. Both are good local shops which deserve our support.

1st March 2012
The club is planning some matches for club members during the river close season. The plan is that they will be at the Brayfields Farm Fishery, Windsor Road near Bray. If you are interested please let us know.

1st March 2012
The match due to be fished on the Grand Union Canal on the 4th of March has been moved to the Basingstoke Canal at St.Johns near Woking.

8th February 2012
Due to the current weather conditions the match on the Basingstoke Canal at St.Johns may be relocated to the Wey Navigation Canal at Send.

16th January 2012
We have been informed that Cheriton Farm near Finchampstead has become available for a match booking on the 22nd January 2012.
Due to the poor match results from the Thames at the moment it has been decide to move the match from the river to Cheriton Farm. Any club members interested in attending please email [email protected] or phone Ken (07956222973) ASAP. Day ticket purchase required.

17th October 2011
Some tackle has been found at our Home Park fishery.
If this belongs to you contact us with a description of the tackle you have lost.
Either email [email protected] or come to a meeting in the Home Park clubhouse on a Tuesday evening.

26th September 2011
A club has requested to use Home Park / Potts Field for a match on Wednesday the 5th October 2011.
It is expected that they would use all of the pegs.

4th September 2011
Match Report
Annual Team Invitation Match
River Thames, Home Park, Windsor
Team result
1st -  Slough Angling Society 23 points 36 lb 10 oz
2nd - Feltham & Twickenham Piscatorial Society 20 points 32 lb 14 oz
3rd - Old Windsor Angling Club 11 points 11 lb 8 oz
4th - Queen Vic AC 11 points 10 lb 12 oz
5th - Thames 21 & YOTAC 9 points 17 lb 14 oz
1st -  Phil Drew  Slough AS 13 lb 6 oz
2nd - Michael Hutt  Slough AS 11 lb 4 oz
3rd - Colin Lovelock  Feltham & Twickenham PS 9 lb 2 oz
The largest fish landed was a perch just over 1 lb in weight but a couple of anglers reported losing much larger fish thought to be bream.
Catches were mixed bags of good sized roach and dace with a few perch and bleak.
Float fished maggot or caster over maggot, caster, hemp and groundbait was the most successful method.
The 24 competing anglers landed a total of 109 lb 10 oz.

31st July 2011
We no longer have access to the Clewer Meadow, Eton Wick or Boveney fisheries. We had access as members of the TVAA which, at the start of the season, was prepared and willing to continue with the lease for them.
Reluctantly they have had to give up these fisheries as there is an on-going dispute over who actually owns the fishing rights for a substantial amount of this river bank.
The person they were being leased from has not been able to satisfactorily substantiate their claim and it may actually be free fishing under the control of the Environment Agency.
This person has also failed to undertake any maintenance work on the remainder of the fishery which was found to be unacceptable.

19th July 2011
The TVAA have taken over control of approximately 7 miles of the Wey Navigation Canal.
This runs from Send to where it enters the Thames at Weybridge. There is a section at Newark Lock which is not included but this still gives us a lot of water to fish. An exact map will be available shortly.
This is now included in Old Windsor AC membership at no extra cost.