Old Windsor Angling Club

Run by anglers for anglers who love their sport.

River Thames, Home Park / Potts Field  


Potts Field  
From the Boat Yard fence to the rail bridge.
No fishing in the lock cut before the
1st November each season.

Home Park (Public)
From the rail bridge to Victoria Bridge

Fishery Specific Rules
Night fishing is permitted on this fishery (members only).
Maximum stay 24 hours.
No return within 24 hours.

'Pay & Display' in the Home Park Sports Field car park or free for members (car sticker required) in spaces around club houses marked for club members only or spaces at end of car park nearest river.

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Match Bookings
Home Park is available for club bookings by number of pegs or whole fishery.
If your club is interested please email us at [email protected] to discuss price and availability.
We must have ample notice of booking to allow notification to be given to club members by quarterly newsletter.

River Thames, Datchet   Membership for the Datchet fishery has now closed for this season.

River Thames, Datchet in association with the Civil Service AS
From just below Datchet to Old Windsor Weir and channel below weir. Includes weir pool.

Park in locked private car park down track past Southlea Farm. Follow path across field to weir.
Alternative parking available in lay-by off Southlea Road for access to upper section via public footpath. Do not park in the lane or obstruct any gates.

Fishery Specific Rules
All club rules plus those in the Datchet specific rules.

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New for 2018 - Boveney Ditch, Eton Wick

Both banks upstream from the Thames to the boundary of the Recreation Ground.
Then single bank opposite the recreation ground and houses.
The Recreation Ground side can be fished, but we have no jurisdiction over it.
This ditch joins up with the Roundmoor, for access see the Roundmoor map.

Park in the recreation ground car park near Eton Wick football club.
Walk down the public footpath which runs parallel to the stream across the field.
There are two bridges across the stream close to the Thames. One of these allows access to the opposite bank.

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Day Tickets available from

Thames Valley Petfood Supplies Ltd, 74  Eastfield Road, Burnham

River Thames, Sandford

River Thames, Sandford in association with TVAA

With the kind permission of Littlemore Angling Society, TVAA anglers can now fish their stretch at Sandford, Oxon.

Do not fish below the lock in Sandford Mill Estate, fishing begins in the meadows.

Close ALL gates after you and LEAVE NO LITTER.

No night fishing.



No parking at the Kings Arms PH, Sandford.

Park in the village or on the opposite bank at Sandford Lane, Kennington (access across the bridge to the islands).


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This fishery will be closed occasionaly for Littlemore AS club matches.

See the Littlemore web page for dates.



River Thames, Cliveden  

 River Thames, Cliveden in association with TVAA
 From My Lady Ferry downstream to Islet Road.

Park in Islet Road or public car park at Boulter’s Lock.

Post code
Islet Road SL6 8LE
Boulters Lock SL6 8JB

The Cut, Bray  

 The Cut, Bray in association with TVAA
 From Monkey Island Lane bridge downstream to The Thames.

Park in lay-by off Monkey Island Lane just before the bridge

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The Jubilee River, Marsh Lane

 The Jubilee River in association with TVAA
 From Bath Road A4 bridge downstream to M4 bridge.

Park in public car park off Marsh Lane.

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River Thames, Cookham  


River Thames, Cookham
From yacht marina upstream to approx. 400m beyond the railway bridge.

Park in public car park off B4447 or limited parking in roads in Bourne End and walk across bridge to fishery.

Fishery Specific Rules
Night fishing is permitted on this fishery. If you fish in front of the houses at the upstream end of the fishery politely inform the house owner before you begin. No fishing in front of cottages between Cookham Bridge and yacht marina.

Post code
Public car park on “The Pound”
Between codes SL6 9QG & SL6 9SL

Weirs Mill Stream, Oxford  

Weirs Mill Stream, Oxford
Approx. 1000m of Thames back stream including weir below Donnington Bridge

Limited parking in adjacent roads.

Fishery Specific Rules
Night fishing is permitted on this fishery. No night fishing near the house boats, please keep quiet. All TVAA members fish this water as guests of the Complete Tanglers angling club.

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Basingstoke Canal  

For maps, rules and more details visit the BCAA web site. www.basingstokecanalaa.co.uk/

Wey Navigation Canal  

Fishery Specific Rules

1. Fishing is dawn to dusk only
2. Fishing is 16th June to 14th March only
3. All fish to be returned
4. No vehicles on the towpath
5. Any signal crayfish or Chinese mitten crabs caught must not be returned
6. No fires
7. Do not alter the profile of the bank or cut or create any steps
8. Do not obstruct the tow path
9. Do not fish within 50 metres either side of any lock prior to 1st October in every season.
10. Do not fish between Pyrford Lock and area opposite the entrance to Pyrford Marina (Wey)
11. No livebaiting for Pike etc.
12. You must produce your club membership card if asked by National Trust staff.


As indicated on map and in geographical order starting at Weybridge and going upstream, ending at Send.
• Weybridge, access to, Sect 1 (actually the R Wey) and Sect 2a (Eastend)
 Weystone Rd, KT13 8XX, Limited Parking in a small public carpark
• Blackboys Bridge, Weybridge, access to Sect 2a (Westend), Sect 2b (Eastend)
 Addlestone Rd, KT15 2RX, Park on bridge (DO NOT BLOCK Farmers access across bridge) and on edge of road.
• Addlestone Mill, Addlestone, access to Sect 2b (Westend), Sect 3 (Eastend)
 Bourneside Rd KT15 2JX, Park in Parking bays, DO NOT BLOCK Residents access.
• New Haw, access to Sect 3 (Southern end) and Sect 4a (Northern End)
 Byfleet Rd, KT15 3JX, Park in service road parallel to canal.
• Parvis Bridge, Byfleet, access to Sect 4b (Southern end) and Sect 5 (Northern end)
 Old Parvis Rd, KT14 6LE, Park on edges of the bridge, DO NOT BLOCK THE TURNING BAY
• Anchor, Byfleet, access to Sect 6 (Southern end) and Sect 7 (Northern end)
 Wisley Lane, GU23 6QW, VERY limited parking, DO NOT USE PUB CAR PARK unless you use the pub
• Tannery Lane, Send, access to Tannery lane section north and south
 Tannery Lane, GU23 7EF, plenty of parking in carpark.
• New Inn, Send, access to top end of Tannery stretch and New Inn stretch
Broadmead lane, GU23 7AE, Limited parking on roadside, DO NOT BLOCK residents access.

Thanks to Dave Blackmore for this information. 

River Thames, Dorney  

Permitted Areas
As indicated

Parking in lay bye off Monkey Island lane, walk over bridge.
Alternatively at the end of Harcourt Road, do not obstruct drive entrances.

Fishery Specific Rules
Night fishing is permitted.

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Jubilee River, Lake End Road  

Permitted Areas
Both banks from M4 downstream to Lake End Road.

Parking in car park off Lake End Road.

Fishery Specific Rules     
Night fishing is permitted.

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Roundmoor Ditch, Eton Wick  


Permitted Areas
As indicated

Very limited parking in car park on Dorney Common.
Alternatively in adjacent streets where parking restrictions allow.

Fishery Specific Rules
Night fishing is permitted.

Members only.
Day tickets are not available for this fishery.
Anglers found on this fishery without their membership card will be asked to leave.

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River Thames, Clewer Meadow  

Association members only locked car park off Meadow Lane. Lock number available from association clubs.
Do not block the road as 24 hour access required by others.

Fishery Specific Rules
Night fishing is permitted.
No fishing near the bird sanctuary. See map for more information.
Some areas have been fenced off for safety reasons. Do not fish here.

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