Fishery Views Fishery Views Robin A cheeky Robin on a cold morning. Picture by Ron 132932977 Copper Beech By Ron 134683476 Early Morning Picture by Ron 134683477 Albert Bridge, Datchet Southern boundary of Home Park Picture by Ron 134683478 Rail bridge Northern end of Home Park Picture by Ron 143351207 Typical Datchet swim Picture by Ron 134683480 Datchet Weir Picture by Ron 134683481 Ice on Thames Picture by Ron 134683485 Potts Field lock cut Picture by Ron 134683486 Early morning lake Picture by Ron 134683489 Potts Field in winter Picture by Ron 134683487 Swim building Picture by Ron 134683482 Swim repairs at Datchet Picture by Ron 134683479 Dave building a swim Picture by Ron 134683483 Damaged platform Picture by Ron 134683488 Repairs nearing completion Picture by Ron 134683484 River Wey in autumn 135555587 Wey again 135555588 Family at Windsor 135555589 Home Park swim 159990682 Home Park 159990683 Under the railway bridge, Home Park 159990684 Home Park January 2013 177001400 Home Park March 2013 177001399 Potts Field January 2013 177001402 Potts Field March 2013 177001401 Thames from Victoria Bridge January 2013 177001404 Thames from Victoria Bridge March 2013 177001403