Members catch Members catch Mugs Fishing mugs or is that the members of a fishing club committee? 132932976 6lb bream caught by Ron 6 lb Bream caught from Potts Field on 15th January 2011 132932978 5lb Chub caught by Ron 5 lb Chub caught from Potts Field 13th February 2011. 132932979 Bream caught by Ron 134682866 Carp caught by Ron 134682867 Barbel caught by Ron 134682868 Barbel caught by Ron 2 134682869 Rons tackle Proves you don't need loads of gear to catch good fish. 134682870 Ron travelling even lighter 143351187 5lb Chub from Datchet On a lure :) 135333838 Net of fish from Home Park Approximately 10 lb of roach and dace caught using a stick float. August 2011. 137888354 Rudd caught by Ron 143350701 Carp caught by Ron A dark coloured fish with an interesting scale pattern. 143350702 Ron with Barbel Ron with an 11 lb 10 oz barbel caught at our Home Park fishery during an evening session on Tuesday the 13th March 2012. 151551393 way navigation canal 07.06.12 159772774 way navigation canal 07.06.12 159772775 Bruney Tench (4lb 7oz) 1st visit to the venue - lovely dark coloured fish 160999155 Small Home Park Pike (6lb) 160999156 Vince with 1 lb 4 oz roach Part of a 24 lb net caught at Home Park. 164480112 Bruney catch 135555590 4lb 9oz Chub Caught by Ron at Potts Field March 2013. 177000667 6lb Bream Caught by Ron at Potts Field March 2913. 177000668 67 lb Bream catch Caught by Vince Callaghan on opening day of the 2014 river season. 193670362