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Thought you might be interested in a bit of feedback on my first outing to Datchet last Friday/Sat. I arrived at about 15:30 on Friday afternoon and settled in to the last swim in the Weir pool. Everything looked in superb nick and I had the place to myself, my confidence was high. I cast my maggot feeder to a very inviting overhanging tree on the edge of an eddy that screamed Chub and sat back. 10 minutes later a couple of sharp taps was followed by a slow pull on the quiver tip( here we go). It felt good and was tearing around the swim, imagine my disappointment when a rather large angry Eel of about 3lbs surfaced in front of me. Two more snakes of about the same size followed in quick succession, time for a change of tack, I had noticed a few fry breaking the surface and naturally assumed a large Perch or two might be present. On with a nice juicy lob and wham, first chuck, oh no! an even bigger Eel which I weighed at 4lb 2 ozs, Getting dark now, so on with the pellet and ground bait feeder laced with Hemp. Plenty of knocks throughout the night on hair rigged pellet but couldn’t connect(more eels me thinks). 05:30 let’s try a lump of cheese must be a Chub about?, wrong, another Eel of about 3 lbs. on the bank, time for a move, getting all “eeled out”. Another 7 Eels followed throughout the day from 2 different swims and at 13:00, 12 eels to well in excess of 30lbs, a Swan Mussel and the searing heat proved too much.Not a silver fish to be seen all day, very strange, still mustn’t grumble, nice to get some sort of bend in the rod eh.


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Bob Skinner
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Thanks for the feedback.

Where have all the eels come from this year? This is the type of information both the club and the Environment Agency love to hear. Anglers catch reports are one of the most valuable sources of information on the state of our rivers.

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