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Can anyone advise on this venue  ie what are main species and examples of any recent catches. I have not fished it before but intend too soon so any help in advance is appreciated (it looks a nice venue in the photos posted on here :))


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It's a really nice place to sit and fish!

There's loads of rudd, roach and perch caught in matches, and we've had a few tench to 4lb plus and some decent bream. We've lost bigger fish fish but don't know ( of course ) what they were, but suspect big tench, bream or possibly carp.

Maggot is the best bait in general, and worm works too, but sweetcorn, pellets and bread only seem to work 50% of the time.

Groundbait? Start without it, but if you want to try it, put some in your 'second' swim and leave it a little while.....

Oh, and don't try to get in the first, overgrown, entrance. Walk down the path about 50 yards and go between the gate posts - it's much easier!

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Pic 19 in fishery views shows what is probably a typical Bruney pleasure catch - 3/4 hours, 30+ fish, about 4lb. A tench would have doubled the weight. :)

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