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Bob Skinner
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Where do you prefer to go to fish a match? Is it a river, canal, natural lake or commercial fishery? Do you prefer a mixed fishery or a carp water? Are facilities such as loos and cafe important to you?

Let us know as your preferances can shape the future choice of venues.

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Steve R
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A river with a decent head of fish of all sizes, preferably parking by your peg [or close by], anything on top of that facilities wise is a bonus.

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Small rivers and canals, parking for larger vehicles, a good head of gudgeon (  roach, dace, chub etc., are acceptable, too )....

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I think the club should look at fishing more lakes in  t he summer months and winter as you always seem to get a better turnout rivers are fine but clubs that  have a more variety in their fixture list seem to have a better following even if they do not have any waters if  more comercials and lakes were added to the owac fixture lists it might improve the turn outs on a sunday   and attract  new members because it would have something for every angler . I  feel the clubs attitude towards thease type of waters is holding it back which is a shame because it is one of the friendliest clubs i have ever been a member of .

 The club is always on the look out for new committe members and it is the people who usually  fish the fixture lists  that join committies

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To the end of October ( summer? ) we have:

9 lake matches, 4 of them at commercials; 6 Thames matches at 3 different venues; River matches on the Loddon, Kennet, Mole and Wey. :)

Most commercials charge £8-10 per peg for matches. If the club pays it goes bust, if the members have to pay most of them don't go..... :(

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